Is bullet chess good or bad for you?

Lately I've been spending a lot of time in the tactics trainer. I've been doing ok and am getting steadily better.  Then the other day I decided to challenge the Computer-easy in 2 min bullet chess. I played it something like 30 times in a row. FINALLY I beat it. Its hard as hell because you cannot ever beat it on time. So you must checkmate it in the 2 mins. (Please don't look at my live stats. They are embarrassing.) So then the next day I go into the tactics trainer and drop about 200 - 250 points. I'm getting back up now but it has taken a couple of days.  I can't figure out if these 2 things are related. Maybe tactics dropped because of a lack of sleep or stress.  Has anyone else noticed that their regular game declines after they playing bullet chess? I've seen a lot of players who have good blitz stats and don't have any bullet stats. Do good players avoid the bullet? And maybe it's called bullet chess because it effectively puts a bullet in your brain?

Bullet chess is good for your bullet chess- bad for everything else.

Good to know. Thx.

Missing tactics can definitely be from lack of sleep or general stress/anxiousness. I do a lot of puzzles on ChessTempo and I do immensely better when I'm rested and 100% focused.


Wow.  That site is great.  Thanks.  


Too much blitz makes you lazy. Try to fit in normal games.


Bullet is more of a time scramble than anything else.

Bullet chess causes internal bleeding. Thus one can expect dizziness, fatigue and loss of concentration.

Saying it is more of a time scramble reminds me of one of the games against the computer I played.  I was a Queen and 2 Rooks ahead and I lost.  Afterwards I saw what I think was forced mate, but never would have found it in the 5 seconds I had left.  


I think if you're not yet a good player and in the process of studying the basics of the game it's bad practice



I thought bullet chess would speed up my sight of the board.  But it seems that the most useful skill is not any aspect of chess ability.  It is how quickly you can make your moves.

I seem to lose all my games on time, most often in positions where I have a crushing advantage.  Often several pieces up, or about to deliver a forced mate.

If I were playing with real pieces and a real clock I would easily finish off the games.

But on-line, no matter how quickly I move all the comms in-between means that my moves consume at least a full second each.  It makes no difference what I use: mouse, touchpad, joystick, graphics tablet or game controller. Yet somehow my opponents manage to respond in half a second or less. 

So what is going on?


Bullet chess might be OK for testing your opening theory knowledge and intuition. But it might get you into a habit of playing too quickly, which can lead to you missing tactics.

I think that it's more bad than good for you overall, but that's just my opinion.


Sometimes in the end game you have to do rapid decisions even in non-bullet games like 30 mins games when clock is running out and bullet practises you do rapid decisions which are needed then.


After playing 3 1 minute games I can say without a doubt bullet is bad for you and is just an awful variant.


Playing 1 minute games is just about making safe moves as fast as possible, that's all. 

2+1 is a bit better, but still the time is the most important thing. 


It is good if you just want to have fun, but it definitely won't help you improve your skills. 


playing 1 minute chess,is like eating pizza when your on a diet,it's a nice but un-needed way to relax.




Well in bullet chess you have to be thinking less than regular games.

hjx2305 wrote:

Well in bullet chess you have to be thinking less than regular games.

you mean just play crap moves quickly?



It is good to run opening memory tests, and only if you then review your game and check that you took the optimum move and if not learn from it so next time you go say, 10 deep instead of 8.

Re hjx thinking more quickly is not necessarily less thinking, certainly less calculation should be done, more intuitive, combined with good study and "opening testing" above, long term it should improve your "crap moves" by a small factor incrementally.