Is bullet chess good or bad for you?

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    Lately I've been spending a lot of time in the tactics trainer. I've been doing ok and am getting steadily better.  Then the other day I decided to challenge the Computer-easy in 2 min bullet chess. I played it something like 30 times in a row. FINALLY I beat it. Its hard as hell because you cannot ever beat it on time. So you must checkmate it in the 2 mins. (Please don't look at my live stats. They are embarrassing.) So then the next day I go into the tactics trainer and drop about 200 - 250 points. I'm getting back up now but it has taken a couple of days.  I can't figure out if these 2 things are related. Maybe tactics dropped because of a lack of sleep or stress.  Has anyone else noticed that their regular game declines after they playing bullet chess? I've seen a lot of players who have good blitz stats and don't have any bullet stats. Do good players avoid the bullet? And maybe it's called bullet chess because it effectively puts a bullet in your brain?
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    Bullet chess is good for your bullet chess- bad for everything else.

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    Good to know. Thx.
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    Missing tactics can definitely be from lack of sleep or general stress/anxiousness. I do a lot of puzzles on ChessTempo and I do immensely better when I'm rested and 100% focused.

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    Wow.  That site is great.  Thanks.  

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    Too much blitz makes you lazy. Try to fit in normal games.

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    Bullet is more of a time scramble than anything else.

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    Bullet chess causes internal bleeding. Thus one can expect dizziness, fatigue and loss of concentration.
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    Saying it is more of a time scramble reminds me of one of the games against the computer I played.  I was a Queen and 2 Rooks ahead and I lost.  Afterwards I saw what I think was forced mate, but never would have found it in the 5 seconds I had left.  

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    I think if you're not yet a good player and in the process of studying the basics of the game it's bad practice

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