Is chess a sport? Ending the debate


E-sports are sports too in that regard.

Personally I see chess as more of a game and I don't get this need for validation as a sport.

The rule requirements for long time intervals also make it less appealing from a pure enjoyment point of view.


The reason I said that fighting games such as games like the Street Fighter franchise is considered not just an esport,  but also a sport as opposed to chess being a sport is because you do need quick reaction time, reflexes, and move execution. You also need good understanding of how the "footwork" works in those games much like MMA fighters would need to know...


Chess is my favourite sport.


I see mention of "esport". If chess is an "esport", so is watching porn. Although, I guess I can start just making my own resume up as I see fit like a lot of you do and add "eathlete" to it.