The ink is black, the page is white

Together we learn to read and write.

A child is BLACK, a child is white

The world is black, the world is white

It turns by day and then by night

The whole world looks upon the sight, a beautiful sight.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    The sun is what gives us the light. The sun is always on and we have night, that is always black. It’s just that the Earth has rotated and the Sun isn’t shining on the back part of the Earth. The sun light goes streaming past the Earth. It's just that in order to see the sunlight it must come to rest on some object.

    In the rules of Chess they mentioned that the lighter color moves first and the darker color moves second. In competition, the winner is always first and there is second which isn’t as good as first.

    Whenever you play Chess, you play either white or black. In chess, two people play the game. The one that moves first is always white. You have to draw for color. The one that moves second is always Black.

    When playing Chess, it is customary that when you play White in a game the next game you play Black. So half of my life I have been playing Black. Half of the life of Chess players they have to play Black. Most Chess players prefer to play White since they have the initiative and Black is said to be catching up trying to equalize or defending.

    Actuality, there isn’t any reference of Black or White in the FIDE rule book. It says, ‘lighter and the other side must be darker, and the pieces have to be easily distinguishable’. It's said that white in Chess is in a better position because white moves first.

     So is White better than Black?

     In the South of the USA there's the issue of black and white.

    I give white flowers to elderly women and darker ones (red) to younger targets, but not black.

     White is a color, I've been told and black is the absence of color.

     So why do we always say the "color of black"?

     In my Franklin electronic dictionary and the Oxford dictionary, I looked up the word black and it said:

     1. of the color black 2. negro 3. soiled 4. lacking light 5. wicked or evil 6. gloomy 7. sinister. 8. wicked 9. gloomy, depressed, sullen and a few more minor ones.

     There are many phrases, that depict BLACK as bad: Black cat, Blackboard jungle, Black day, Black death, Black despair, Black economy, Blackened, Black flag (pirates), Black hearted, Black listed (which I once was listed by an Italian in his black book), Black eye, Blackjack, Black magic, Black mark, Black mass, Black Monday, Black sheep of the family, Black spot, Black small pox, Black guard a villain, Black hole, Dark horse (underdog), Black leg (strike breaker), Black mail, Black Maria, Black as night, Black out, Black shirt (fascist), Black vomit (yellow fever), Black widow, Black as the ace of spades.

     You probably know more.

     I looked up white. It said, white.

     Black is depressive and evil. White is good and feels superior.

     Small little lies are called lily white lies, not lily Black lies.

     So on chessboards are we playing a game of good against evil, playing white against second-rate players, who have to play black?

     Bobby Fischer, the USA International Master, analyzed Black, trying to find an advantage over White and he only found equality. Even he had to play half his games using black. He managed to beat the Russian 6 - 0 twice and won the world championship.

     In his training, he played many games against himself, playing both sides of the board, playing both colors, always making the best possible moves. He always won. 

     So what was this piece all about?

     Is it as clear as Black and White?

Black is really O.K.




Yes High indeed. Still, nice piece. 



And still, despite all being said and done, I always prefer playing White over Black, and that reality won't go away.


Some chess pieces can be Black or White; however, the game of chess is anything but as clear as black and white . . .


In the 1950's i had a bright red and white set. . .

The White House was going out of business . . .

Got a bargain price but somewhere i misplaced it . . .