Is chess coaching needed to be a Gm from Fide rating 1200+.


Coaching may not be required but I think a lot of study and practice would be. I never had a coach (but regularly beat 1700+ players, though I didn't have a FIDE rating) when I was younger, but I'm guessing a coach could speed up the process by giving you good direction.


Has Caitano05 been here since 2016?


1200 rated and talking about becoming a GM?

Are you serious?

You have no idea how much talent and, especially, hard work becoming any type of a chess master (even a NM), let alone a GM, requires.

And even then, the vast majority of IMs and such will not succeed in becoming GMs.


Has Caitano05 been here since 2016?


Coaching is useless. If you have a 1200 rating, you'll never be a IGM, I am afraid... But may be you could try the contest of biggest hot dogs eater ?


Chess coaching is a waste of time, for the coach anyway happy.png


If your coach is a good one who can help you improve, then yes. More often than not, many sub-2000 players have one or more fatal flaws. Correcting them is hard to do by yourself (though not impossible) but a good coach can help you there. I have no idea if coaching is necessary for being a GM or know about any rapid improvement methods. All I do is troubleshoot and eliminate problems from my game. 


Sadly, your advice is a bit too late. The Op hasn't been online for a while. 


Ah well, at least I tried.