Is safe for children?


I use extensively for my for managing my current group of students and allowing them access to puzzles and games.

I am planning to introduce accounts for some of them on because they clearly demonstrate a higher potential than typically that of the average rating on

I am concerned though because these kids are below 10 and I don't want them to be victim to any inappropriate chat or receive unwanted messages to their inbox. What can be done to prevent these instances?


Block messages except from friends, make sure they turn off chat, etc. There is no way to prevent them from looking at the forums and they can always change the settings. 

Under 10 probably should not be hanging out at, that is the purpose of


Kids below 10 should probably not chat on the internet without a responsible adult monitoring that chat.


If you do monitor them close enough to not let any creep take advantage of their gullibility, then the worst that could happen is they read a few curse words.

Which is not likely to break them considering they will hear a lot of these on a daily basis in the average public school.


wouldn't that be sad if it were true...


I guess blocking the chat and friend requests is enough.


Depending on the kind of humor you use, SOME moderators are under 10 Frown


Yeah, you can disable chat and accept messages only from friends.

They can undo these features though so you may need to regularly check the accounts.


no, safety isn't guaranteed. Other sites such as chesskid are better.

RonaldJosephCote IS safe for your kids, but!  If THIS guy pulls up to a thread and ask your kids to get in;Surprised         Tell them to run SCREAMING, STRANGER DANGER!!Yell                                                                                                                              


If your kids already have a smartphone with an internet connection, they've probably already seen too much. And I think they have.

There are no parental controls here, so your kids may not follow your rules, and you may not be able to monitor them effectively enough.

There is no safe place. Not even home. All we can do is educate, listen & have faith.


A year ago, I got Sent Vulgar Messages with fowl language that really hurt My feelings, And it was because i took to slow on online games. Personally i would not think it would be safe, If I were you, I would Get your students, 1 to either sign a permission slip with their gaurdian, or 2 Not Do It at all.

This is just my opinion on this matter, and i hope i helped! -Wolf


They certainly run the risk of cutting themselves on some of the edge here.


I'm 7 years old and I've always felt safe on


now you tell us ...


There will definitely be bad people who'll leave evil or inappropriate comments. Also many of them will usually be kids themselves. You should give your students a class lecture about ignoring angry or inappropriate people and also check to make sure their parents know that their kids have been allowed to play games against real people.

I also want to add that in my experience, as an adult who has been using chess dot com for about two years by now, I've never revived comments that had profanity or crude language. Few times players tried to talk crap at me telling me they will win and bragging. I think that guy was doing it to distract me so he'd win on time since that was a 5 minute game. Most bad words or commentary that was not appropriate for children I've seen in forums.


kids below 10 are smarter than us ,  adults are adulterated as the same word claims ,  remember what nietzsche used t0 say about the three metamorphoses of the spirit,  1- camel 2-lion  and finally the child.   Most of People are camel,  paying taxes, believing in politicals, groups , etc  Kids are not contaminated yet so i would not be worried about it, they know if the adults are stupid or not more than you think. 


you guyzz should accept that kids are smarter than adults


It is not safe for children at all. But it is certainly getting better, you can see admins stepping up their game, more people are reporting rule-breakers, I guess it should be fine soon.

rochana123 wrote:

you guyzz should accept that kids are smarter than adults

& bunnies are smarter than kids but it doesn't make it any safer.


No, not an environment for kids.