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Is Chessbazar even good?

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     I have just placed an order(Dec. 25th) with O.S. and found them to be extremely nice folks! They upgraded my order to a superior set at no additional charge....C.B. has also treated me very well(though I did have my issues and posted a flame thread twice,but they always came through for me and the latest round will be cleared up soon....No biggie).....Personally, I love all of the pieces that I've bought and nobody can make me feel differently!! As to STAUNTONMASTER.....

    Yes,I find you off-putting and rather rude to be so seemingly above it all as to think folks like me,who actually have no issues with some CB reissues like the 1940 Soviet set,though admittedly the knights are not so hot and I'm not going to buy it,btw....Yet, it's a nice set and plenty of folks will buy it.

    Also,for every hyper picky person,regarding "exactitude of historical minutiae",there are 100 who don't care,as long as it a nice set!! 

    Based on your previous posts that makes us "ignorant" and poor consumers-happy.png.....Personally,I happen to LOVE your posts!! The entertainment value alone is worth the read!! But,you are not the most mature and considerate person around...Keep it up!!

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    My personal experience and those of many other customers are very different though. I found numerous issues with Chessbazaar sets ranging from broken pieces to hairline cracks, chips and scuffs. But the main problem I had with their chess sets as reflected by many other customers is the proportion of the copies that they have made from the original. The copies look so fake and lack of proportion and harmony stand out too much. Also, in the same chess set there is lots of discrepancies: the head of one knight is bigger than the other, a bishop is shorter another longer and similar issues. Also, the weights of the chessmen are not standard, one pawn is heavier than the other or the rook is heavier than the queen and similar issues. Also, the felts on the pieces are not glued properly and they hang loose on the edge and come off easily. I did not like the customer service either. The customer has to send dozens of emails with attached photos of all the faulty pieces trying hard to convince Chessbazaar customer service that their products are faulty and replacements are needed. Too much of a headache, waste of time and stress specially as Chessbazaar always uses India Post for sending the replacement pieces which takes almost up to five weeks to arrive. My experiences are totally negative and I say no.

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    What is Stauntonmaster's real name?

    Where does he live?

    What does he do for a living?

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    What is Stauntonmaster's real name?

    Where does he live?

    What does he do for a living?

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    One big problem with their ebony and padauk staunton chess sets is they gradually crack or develop hairline cracks mainly because of the metal weights inside them. 

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    What is troll Stauntonmasters real name? where this troll live? what this troll do for a living?

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    TemplarsKnights wrote:

    What is Stauntonmaster's real name?

    Where does he live?

    What does he do for a living?

    Who cares?!?!


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