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Is liking your rating bad?

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     Only two people know,u and your opponent.....and chances are he gave it a passing look.

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    ozzie_c_cobblepot wrote:

    It's only bad if you focus on things that improve your rating and don't improve your chess.

    Bingo! That explains it perfectly.

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    Liking your rating is fine, just as long as you don't make a fuss if it goes down.

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    royalbishop wrote:

    Like it when i play good and win.

    Hate it when i play bad and lose.

    Like it when i play bad and win.

    Hate it when i play good and lose.

    I try to ignore my rating and focus on my play during the game. So really we only think about it when we look at it. And that is when we are not playing. A 1500 is stronger or weaker depending on where they live as they most likely started playing people in their area first before playing online.

    Doesn't that mean you're focusing on your rating?

    Anyway, I'm the opposite.  I'd much rather play well and lose.  That's one of the most valuable games you can get actually.

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    I wish i could get anything free for my rating!

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    otb it is a bad thing to like your rating. you have played 2 hours or more and you are in an almost even end game. you cannot focus cause you are scared of losing (thus losing rating points) instead of finding the best moves.

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    Dpezy wrote:

    hahaha im a 537

    Do you realize this was made 4 years ago?


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