Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

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    #5323 Reading in isolation sounds like

    a) I am too lazy/unable to back up my position

    b) my analogy is poor (but I did mention a better one!!!!)

    c) I have no c

    Pretty weak

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    ModestAndPolite wrote:
    Elubas wrote:

    "and the transitive property does not apply fully to chess ratings"

    Why exactly? It seems like you're just asserting this, not offering much of an argument. All you mention is a color analogy, which you don't put much effort into.

    I don't even necessarily disagree; what you're saying has some plausibility. But you're making much of a non-argument for it. It's up to you to explain why and how the transitive property should break down.

    a) I am not going to spoon-feed intelligent people that are capable of finding the details and filling in gaps for themselves.

    b) Colour was not the only analogy I offered, and I agree that it is not a very good one. I also mentioned ring species, and that is a better analogy.

    c) There is no c.

    Well then there is no point of you posting here, since we can all look up the answers to this question ourselves. Yeah of course it's possible for me to figure out what you're trying to say, I'm sure you meant something, but I'm not going to spend a half hour trying to do that when other people actually are presenting more substantive arguments.

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    Such a great question!

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    I once had a lucky win against Taimanov in a simul, when I was rated about 1600 and he was about 2500. He outmanoeuvred me completely in an English opening, putting me in zugzwang in the early middle game.

    By the time I became aware I was in trouble, I was about to lose a piece. I searched for a way out, thought I had found it, and played the move very confidently. He didn't bother to calculate it, played what seemed the obvious reply, and then he was losing a piece!

    All I had to do then was exchange down to the ending, when he resigned by just shoving all the pieces into the centre of the board. If he had bothered to check it, he would have seen the two-move deep flaw in my 'escape'.

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    Ah! The cunning plan of lulling the master into a false sense of security.

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    Cunning plan? By me? I was just out of my depth.

    He outplayed me all the way until he made the mistake of taking my 'escape' move at face value.

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