Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?


All is relative... but improvement is God!!

And to Madhacker - would love to play some blitz with you (I'm too slow for 1-minute bullet) and discuss some chess - I get a feeling that this could be interesting...

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Hmm... my real-life rating is 2043. By your quite reasonable argument, I need to double in strength to reach 2143. Which is still nowhere near master standard. I suck, don't rub it in

Try being a 1300 (I'm unrated, but if I had to take a guess, I'd say that is what I am). I still beat 99% of my RL friends. All social, of course. This gives the little 1300 a small ego boost, and he goes to an online chess site and gets his ass whooped. Now, take that for being sucky. How about it?

There is always someone better my friend. Always...

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Okay, so here's an extension question. What rating *would* you need to be to have a cat's chance in hell against a 2700 GM in a one-off game?

I think on a good day, you can play 200 pts. above your rating, and conversely, on a bad day, someone can play 200 pts. under his rating. So my guess would be 400 pts. as the largest gap for an upset to occur.


2700 guy waste 59 seconds on a 1 minute game going to the washroom and thinks the game is a 60 minute game and sends one minute to move, he loses

Let's face it, a 1300 probably won't even make it to challenging a 2700.


But there have been plenty of upsets involving more than 400 points before -- I remember in one tournament a year or two ago (it was posted here on, either as an article or blog), GM Arun Prasad, who had a FIDE rating above 2500 at that time, lost to a girl only rated in the 1900s. She was a young girl, though, so it's not impossible that her strength was higher than her rating suggested. Still, 600 points...


It's a tad annoying that it seems like there are so many A players (I'm an A player) and B players that have beaten so many strong players that I never have beaten -- the best I have done was a draw against a 2100, and a draw against a 2200 who wanted to win clear first so only played 8 opening moves and offered one to me :) I have however beaten lots of 2000s.

I'm kidding of course Smile. Some people are just more consistent than others -- some players are the kind of people who will beat IMs and then lose to a 1600 the next round :)

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All is relative... but improvement is God!!

And to Madhacker - would love to play some blitz with you (I'm too slow for 1-minute bullet) and discuss some chess - I get a feeling that this could be interesting...

3/0 is the slowest I will go... I just don't get people who play slow chess on the internet. Chessboards are for slow chess Smile


Have you ever thought that some people prefer slower chess and don't have people to play OTB?


Have you ever thought I was joking?


Well, I may not think much of the initial "offer" but at least the OP has created a lively thread :)


Someone pointed out that the 1300 makes bad moves because he thinks they are good moves. That's worth remembering.


Some people say that they also make moves based on not fully understanding the board and often don't take the time to try.

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A 2700 is a super GM generally, therefore a more appropriate comparison would be, for example, a race where Usain Bolt is pitted against a 10 year old child, not yet ready to maximize their own potential in such an event, let alone being able to compete against such an overwhelming opponent.




David vs Goliath. Heard of that story? It can happen but the 1300 player have to have a very good coach who prepared quiet an interesting line so that the 2700 player would assume his opponent is making random moves so much so that he plays passive or careless and would subsequently fall into a trap. 


@topman, that might account for the 1300 taking out an 1800, or at a push a 2000. But not a 2700.


The whole David vs Goliath thing is ridiculous. A slingwith a rock could kill anyone, regardless of how big he is. A 2700 won't fall to a shot by a 1300, though. Maybe by a 2400.


Gambit Openings when played in bullet settings will give a 2700 problems specially if it is well prepared. With time pressure the 2700 will eventually blunder and might lose via time forfeit.


It's really funny how so many people are rooting for 1300. It's natural, since this site is populated more by those leaning towards 1300s in their rating than 2700s.


i guess he could become disconnected and loose because of a poor internet connection!  lol  an example serino could look like this, they are playing in a 3rd world country, playing for fun and no reliable power and internet connection, suddenly a mortor goes off next door taking out the power pole...


"probability is relative"

err, what?