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Is vacation time good or bad?

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    I want to hear other peoples opinion on this but I think vacation time enables the premium members to keep from losing an game and it gives them an advantage over free members also free members can only win with checkmate while premium members can win by checkmate and time so that's my opinion on this but I want to hear other peoples opinion, so what are they?

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    Are you here to improve your chess or to watch that little number that only you care about go up?

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    Vacation doesn't prevent loss, only postpones it.  So it's fine.

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    Oh ok thanks for all your opinions.

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    Where did you come up with those preposterous notions?

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    It is bad.

    But it's an incentive to pay for membership. And this site exists to make money.

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    I think its good if you are sparing with it. For example I only use it if I won't be near a computer for a while eg. When I'm camping in the woods. But I immediately play when I get back

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    Vacation is great, especially when I actually need to take some time away from chess for health or personal reasons.  I don't use it to postpone a loss, otherwise I would quickly deplete my vacation time (with 15 simultaneous correspondence games in progress, I'm always in the process of losing at least one of them).  I did not know that non-paying members recieve no vacation -- they deserve some too.  But I understand if chess.com uses vacation time as an incentive to upgrade membership.  Still, give the non-paying members a taste, even if it's only a few days.

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    They receive vacation time. Its just a smaller amount

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    It's as good or bad as the intentions of the player who uses it.

    If you are genuinely on vacation and away from internet service for a few days to spend time with family and relax, then you will have the luxury of having your games paused until you return without being penalized with a loss on time.

    However, if you wait until you are in a losing position and then go on vacation just to stall your games and postpone losing your rating, then it is an example of when it is used incorrectly by someone with bad intentions.

    Hope this helps.

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    Bardu wrote:

    It is bad.


    But it's an incentive to pay for membership. And this site exists to make money.

    Make money doing what?

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    Some of us travel during the summer, or for jobs.  Sometimes wifi and concentration time is not available.  It is impossible to know when a game will end because it depends on both players and the time between moves each choses to take so games that should be finished before an absence may still be going.

    I don't see how vacation time is harmful to anyone.  It doesn't change the result (unless by time elimination), it just increases the time to reach it.

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    I try not to increase the play time during tournaments because more players may be waiting for my game to end to obtain results and move to the next round, so I don't use vacation time in that way.  If I am playing someone who is cheating, I'll gather what I think might be evidence and report it and let chess.com worry about them.

    But ratings here don't mean much to me.  I play here to better my OTB tournament play and have fun.

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    Please be relevant, helpful and nice!

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    Vacation time is fine so long as the option for "No Vacation" games and tournaments is also available.

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    I think it is great. Pls don't take it off. I'l explain why:

    Sometimes, when I don't get home until 5:00 or something, I had played a 24 hour game, and if I made my move at 4:00, then my vacation would have automatically turned on at 100 minutes to prevent me from losing on  time. Without it, it would be impossible to prevent me from losing

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    chessph wrote:

    Make money doing what?

    From advertisements and selling memberships. According to a former employee, " in 2011 and 2012, the company did extremely well."

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    It is good!

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    Some interesting views and has given me another perspective on this topic.


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