Join ChessTalk Discord Server! ))


Hi all! I found a nice discord server called ChessTalk. We'd like it if any of you guys could join! happy.png

For more information, read:

Discord invite link:

Hope to see you there!


Hope you have fun, is a cool server




 I run this server, and I was never informed about this post haha


Surprised it's still up



There is also another large chess server over 2000+ members called


Don't want to spam by making a new thread, so here's another Chess Discord server you might be interested in:

sindhbadruler        Chess Aristocrats Server. We are new but robust server with solid people. Some of the daily activities of our server 

1. All Chess Magazines Tactics

2. Daily Puzzle

3. Daily Mate Drills

4. We have some excellent chess coaches and friendly people who help you understand the difficult parts of chess 

5. Daily Science news + Global news. 

6. Instant Chess news updates + Linked all top chess youtube channels so you will never miss one.


Another chess server, Chess Hub. I made a custom bot for it, which has custom features like daily puzzles with points and account linking/tracking.


Serious Chess - Yet another server! Low count but very new and looking to provide a good Chess improvement atmosphere. Automated FIDE and national ranking system coming soon happy.png


Here is a server filled with GrandMasters and other Masters from all around the gkib.  Please join this discord to participate in tournaments with these talented players and to learn from tactics and games that they will share.


Owner of Server


If anyone see this, can you please invite Biggus Potatus#4971 to a chess discord. I use the browser discord and it does not allow me accept links. Much obliged

gogulsingh a discord server for your mind development..

join to get access on all chess tips and tricks.



I'm not familiar with Discord servers.  What is the difference between this and a chess website like


In this server you get banned for having a different opinion. Silencing those who do not think alike is pretty fascist.


Cool, it looks good for me. Because I'm looking for a server to talk about this awesome game.