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Just came off vacation with a new....

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    My computer went computer-poopCry and I had to get a new one, thus the vacation. So now I have windows 10, which I like, but then I see thay do not have my long time friend Mr Chess Titans. I see where they have free downloads for it, but how do I know which one is for real and which ones are just to mess up my computer? That's how my computer got pooped, now I am gun shy to open things that I am not sure about!  Anyways, nice to be back with all the prodigys here, some one always comes up with that super move=answer, THANKS!!

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    Welcome back Ghost.  My understandig is that Windows 10 has got a pretty strong antivirus software included in it once you install it on your PC.  So, you should not worry so much now about virus or malware.

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    Thanks, Behrooz, I think I heard some one else say that, good to hear that, so I will give it a try. I like playing chess Titans, it play human like and sometime is very strong, and other times makes mistakes. Hope you are doing well, I always enjoy hearing what you have to say, from day one we met!!Smile

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    Yes, same here, Ghost.  Your comments are always a breath of fresh air amid the tense exchanges on OD.   It feels like putting water on a raging fire.         : )

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    If all else fails, you can get Arena 3.5, and hundreds of free engines to play against in all different styles and strengths. You can even tune their opening books however you want. It's sick, insane fun. In fact...it's so much fun....a person might accidentally spend 2-3 weeks doing that....instead of learning actual chess.... 

    ... :'(

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    Thanks FaceC, I like to try it out, is it a down load I can purchase? I will google Arena 3.5 and find out, thanks!!!

    Just an added note Berooz, those bouts you have with Zzgloo, wow!!  But I must say, you are the coolest head, he loses it too easily! I like him too, I just must like all Iranians.

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    Welcome back! If you feel like playing a couple of correspondence games, feel free to send a challenge!

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    That's nice of you to ask Spirit, and I will take you up on that, I just have to build up the nerve, you are really a great player in my book, and all around wise person when presented with worldly problems. So is Behrooz & Zzgloo, and on different thought waves, very interesting! I want to finish these games I have going right now, I do not like to play more then two at a time, equals slow brainEmbarassed

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    Let me know if you have any questions. I have about 25 engines all set up, tuned, customized, most of them with custom opening books I turned, or built, myself. I actually prefer the big name engine opening books like Hiarcs, Junior, and Komodo, because I don't know what's in them and it's a surprise! I could open up Hiarcs opening book and mess with it, but I don't want to know what he's going to play! That's the only downside of building and tuning your own engines and opening books, you know what they are gonna play. But, you don't need chess titans anymore. With Arena and - "literally" - thousands of free engines on the net, and at least 100 of those which are really really good, you can play chess forever, in any style. 

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    FaceCrusher escribió:

    Let me know if you have any questions. I have about 25 engines 


    No you don't. 


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