kicked for swearing... Really?

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    So i was playing against a guy with the name azz_kikkr. After he made a stupid move I typed "azz kikkr, really?" Promptly got kicked.

    Nice moderating 

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    The auto swear filter kicks if you type a swear word more than once in the same sentence or you've been auto warned/auto muted already once in the previous 24 hours by the server. Its auto modded (not a person).

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    That's pretty funnySmile

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    Love it, censor the comments but not names.

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    Heh, once this happened to me on another site.  I typed so fast I didn't have time to read/notice the auto warning before hitting enter again and was banned for 24 hours.

    Was telling Dave Chappelle joke (not very clean).

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    ascottmccauley wrote:

    Love it, censor the comments but not names.

    The username was censored to prevent this happening again.

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    So a player gets kicked for 24hours if he or she curses?

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    No, its 30 minutes

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    I said "n1" to my opponent, and he say "nt???" imposing that I was saying "nice try", and I said "don't worry, I'm not an a55/poor sportsman", and BAM! Kicked. Really? REALLY?

    Let me fill you higher-ups in on a little something. As a business, which you are, you are supposed to keep the customers happy, which I am. I completely understand if it's being run by a bunch of Mormons and you want to keep profranity off of this site, I do. I personally would never use it to insult anyone, but let's be realistic here - we all write emails, chat online, blog, etc. on sites that aren't monitored, and when we come here, it's kind of hard to just drop on a dime. I'm saying this like this happens all the time, but, that is what really upsets me... I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW. You kick for someone for first offense without knowledge of the rules? Wow.


    What really drives me crazy, is that the text doesn't even have to be passed through the server from one client to the next. preg_replace would do the trick. Replace profranity with (#)$*@()#$*@()#$ RATHER THAN KICKING PAYING MEMBERS. This is ABSURD.

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    Yeah, I'm done with this site.

    Ratings are screwed up and too easy to game, and too many of my games have flaws.

    This last match I lost on time because the computer wouldn't let me move to D2.


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    Did you not read my first comment, I wasn't swearing at all.


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    alekhine:  During the process of signing up, opening live chess, and challenging another player, where does it say no profane language? When you start a game, you should be warned. The fact that I wasn't aware of the rule before I did it is what makes me angry. Off subject, no slang? Every member should use perfect gramar/english? Heh, shh.


    Honestly, the whole kicking/banning thing is just ridiculous. It is extremely easy to write a couple lines of code to replace profane language with symbols i.e. #$(*%#()$, or just have the text echod to client saying "Text not sent: no bad language". Paying members like myself are the reason this site is in operation, and they should never run into issues like this. Think of it from a business stand point - does a business ever want to lose money? No.

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    someone wrote in Subrian F@$K you .. and said thinks about me that I was something to do with a monkey?!?! (google translator) .. I wrote back and said NO.. F%#K you!  And I was kicked!!! there is a bias for the English language only?! This is ridiculous I am the victim.

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    I do not swear even by typing it in the cheating way with %#@$ but i agree being kicked with out warning makes the person who is booted the victim of a society where we feel the need so strongly to be politically correct that we can not accept someone when they get upset. What human emotion will be regulated next? 

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    I was a diamond member till 15 minutes ago when i got kicked for typing bad words in a input box on a web page. I know that the words wouldn't be sent to the other player SO WHY DEGRADE MY PAID EXPERIENCE? For the 30 minutes kicked the site will be at least 30 days without my money. So next time just block the words and let it go.

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    Agreed. Just got kicked for spur of the moment saying f@#$ mouse slip lucky bas@#$d. I slipped and lost my queen in even position. I was mad. Sorry Im too emotional

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