Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton Chess match - who'd win?


the game would be very interesting. you would have hundreds of thousands of live spectators. everyone waiting to see a leg cross like in basic instinct, the tv monitors showing the close ups, the players would be allowed to say exactly what they are thinking “what could i do with that bishop ? hmmmm i wonder what Bradd is doing tonight ?”


Enough is enough now we should all behave 😊.....


They might make blunders (like most of do) but they are very well known personalities, hence there will be a huge crowd of spectators for sure


Agreed 😊


they would probably each play like a move every 30 minutes while answering questions of reporters and having fun and they would forget about the game after 4 or 5 moves....facts


I don't want to watch their game of chess but them.



Who all will come to watch them play? 

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