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King indian defense help

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    What would you do against this?

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    6...h6 chasing the bishop away?

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    pfren wrote:

    The main disadvantage of the KID is that the opening is incedibly versatile and complex: You have to master many important pawn structures to play it properly. Plus, in a few very sharp lines you must be booked up to the last detail to avoid disaster. But the opening is 100% sound, actually I think it is just about the only choice in modern correspondence games if Black is playing for a win (mainly because engines tend to misevaluate several key positions).>>>

    I only play it as white and I only play the Classical Variation. A few people have tried to encourage me to play other variations but I like the complexity of the positions that arise from the Classical. However, I'm aware that a really competent player of black, who understands the value of manoeuvring, is probably going to outplay me unless I'm on particularly good form. These days I find it best to open the c-file or, failing that, the b-file, and swap both pairs of rooks off if I can. Obviously also white wants to somehow swap black's strongest minor piece, which is the c8 bishop. Sometimes, this bishop is left at home for over 20 moves Anyhow, I find this passive approach gives me the highest % of wins as white.



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