I have wanted to say this for a while, but I kept putting it off, but when the yearly fees need to be paid, I will be leaving this great site. I wanted to say goodbye to my friends at chess.com . To all the members of Team England and the Circle of trust (CoT) To all the players that I beat and to the ones that beat me I say this.( *^%"-off) ......no, only kidding, its been a great three years but I must move on, as I am finding little time to give my chess a chance of improving.

To Col/Pete. i need say nothing, as they will know how I feel and can rest assured that they will be hearing from me and indeed seeing me sometime in the future. Bob and big S from CoT & Babs and Pam, I will always hold our friendship close to my heart and will also keep in touch.

If you want to follow me then you can, on twitter or facebook or just keep an eye out for my new inventions and my work in schools and her majestys prisons.

Also the books that I am writing. ("I wish,I hadn't thought of that") and a follow up book entitled ("El Cid returns to Valencia") through Sharon Wright publications. being released next year! or ("Journey of a fat-man") Currently on line.

I will miss you all


Bill Currie.



Oh, Bill -- don't leave!!! I've been on this site for something like three years, too, and haven't improved a whit -- but who cares???? I'm having so much fun here, and this site is keeping me on this side of sanity. Can't you stay and just log on less frequently?

I'll look for you on Facebook, then. Oh, do reconsider.



I just went on FB and put in a search for Bill Currie. Do you have any idea how many Bill Curries there are? Should I invite them all to be my friends and then see which one is you? I think not. But maybe you don't want me to impose. I'll leave it up to you.

But good luck in your endeavors, whatever you do or don't do!!!! May The Force be with you!!


Bill, sorry to hear this.  I have been here over 3 years myself.  I wish you all the best.  May good fortune follow you like a blood hound my friend.  I will miss you.  I wish you much success with your endeavors. Stay safe, and, Happy my friend.



OK billyboy, I think we will miss you in CoT, I also will try and find you on FB, can't get used to twitter, CoT will be here when you decide to return (who is going to collect the fee's now I wonder) Thanks for the plate, and if I can ever find a souvenir that is actually made in Australia, i will send you one. enjoy billy, and we will try and keep in touch.


luv ya Billy... have  missed your funny comments for a while now, and seeing you around the site like I used to, but I know it's not goodbye.. thanks for all the laughs here and the pleasant/enjoyable convos... 

Will see you in facebook!

*hugs* Kiss



Take care Bill

Sorry to hear this Bill, not good news cos I do like you, well a bit anyway


Wow, the first "Goodbye" thread I've ever seen around here that didn't turn out to just be some whining rant...I'm impressed. Smile


Love you too my friend. I also wish you would reconsider. Will p/m you with my e-mail so we can stay in touch. Team England will always be grateful for all your hard work on her behalf during your stint as Super Admin. You have many friends here who will welcome you back at any time. I wish you and your family good health and happiness and success in all your endeavours.CryCryCryKiss


Bill.... You know what I am thinking, so I won't say it!

My membership ran out last year, but I still hang around...Talk very soon in the special room my dear friend!


Hoping you have much success, Bill.

I recommend leaving your account open, just don't access it until you get some time.

If I ever get over to jolly ol' England you would be one I'd want to hook up with and have a pint or 12...

Cheers, mate!


Sad to see you go Bill, but we'll keep in touch of fb..All the best mate.

I too am sad to see you leave Billy.. You've made me laugh do many times over the years.. You were/ are a great member of CoT and your gonna be missed my friend.. All the best Billy with all your endeavours your simply Brilliant!

They are right billy, stay on chess.com and stay in your Groups, you can always return then


I'm very sorry to hear that you're going, bill.. as they've all said, please think it through again, it doesn't matter if you don't log on that much......



No clue who u r,but reading ur post you sound like a proud man! Not into books but I am now gonna buy one


Good Luck Mr. Bill....but, you'll be back....Wink....maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month....but, you'll be back....and you know it. The game's coursing through your veins like a poltergeist....Your Good Ghostess Lola

(and remember, chess is all about suffering....don't end it too soon !)

The_Ghostess_Lola wrote:

Good Luck Mr. Bill....but, you'll be back........maybe not tomorrow, maybe not next month....but, you'll be back....and you know it. The game's coursing through your veins like a poltergeist....Your Good Ghostess Lola

(and remember, chess is all about suffering....don't end it too soon !)

This thread is 3 years old. He's already back.