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Live commentary

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    Hello all !

    Today 17.06 we will be going Live with GM Vladislav Tkachiev on the Whychess live commentary from 3PM Moscow time (UTC+4) to comment the Memorial Tal tournament.
    We are commenting in 3 languages - English Russian and French ( on the same channel ). Please follow us at www.justin.tv/whychess  or find the link on our website www.whychess.org .

    Stay tuned

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    We are starting the live commentary 20 minutes !

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    Ok, let's see :)

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    Just to be sure u understood our concept, I send an important detail :
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    I Enjoy the stream! Very nice commentary keep it up!

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    Do you mean the stream I'm doing now at www.twitch.com/blitzstream ?

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    yes. I'm scahyper in your chat. I just assumed the live commentary was for the blitzgames xD

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    Thank you for support xD


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