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Long games

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    I am looking for players to practice with in long (1 hour) Live Chess games. Unfortunately not many people seem to be interested in long games...

    If there are any players who would be willing to help practice with me I'd be very appreciative.


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    io sarei disposto

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    Thanks RederLeo, my Italian is non-existent but I'll add you to my friends and we can sort out when a game can be arranged

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    If you'd like I would love to play longer games, i haven't played many cause not too many people seem to want to play. I'm not on live much but hit me up if you'd like some (hopefully) interesting games :)

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    heavyop wrote:

    i haven't played many cause not too many people seem to want to play. 

    Exactly my problem too... 

    Sure we'll arrange a game sometime soon

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    Les, I love to play long games when possible mainly because of my slow brain, but I also like to practise for tournament play where the time controls are classical.

    What times of the week are best for you?  Do you have a ECF grade?  I enjoy both serious and training games, so whatever's best for you.  Let me know.

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    i don't do well in the fast stuff either, but if i want a longer game (longer than 15 minutes which is just glorified blitz) then i can always find one on FICS haha.  :P

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    sorry, my friend

    i like live chess but it is too long. so i use the online chess. good luck for your game

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    I don't play long because there is too much risk if my opponent decides to walk away from the game and I have to wait there for 45 minutes. I don't mind thinking on their time, but only if I get the fun of moving again.

    With blitz, if they walk away, they lose and I get another opponent fast. I can play long games against my computer if I want.

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    I try not to play games with much longer time control than 15 minutes because of those people who love to abandon games and make you wait for the clock to run out when you have a clearly winning position.


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