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Looking for a coach & mentor.

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    Up til now I have been studying and learning with my side kick google and co, but I'm finding it increasingly more difficult to improve on my own. I would like to find someone to coach-mentor me, someone who can point out my weak spots and show me how to correct them, go over a game of mine from time to time and give me practical feedback (not stare at some engine spitting out +/-X on move 12), and keep me studying the right materials at the right time. Someone who knows what it is like to be my  level and has achieved a higher level of play and can show me the way to do it too. I can't pay for anyone services right now, but later I might be able to give small donations as a thank you from time to time.

    Right now I am studying Silman's Complete End Game Course and solving tactical puzzles daily with several tactic books I have and recently began trying to study pawn structures and piece activity, although I am having a hard time finding material related to that (especially free). I am spending about two hours a day on chess, half play half study at the moment, but will soon be cut to about an hour daily, more when I have the time. I am just over 1500 blitz rating here, although I don't really know what that means in relation to my skill.

    My goal right now is to reach 1800 blitz here by years end, with the ultimate goal of ranked master sometime in the years to come, or as high as I can make it (I know everyone probably says that but if you aim high you generally go farther in life).

    Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it.

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    I understand if there are no takers to be a coach, but maybe someone might be able to help me find good study material on piece activity and pawn structure?

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    My advice for you is to learn by yourself, at your own pace. I've seen some amazing chess players on the website, and i look back to how long they have been playing... Chess builds on itself just like life. The more you experience different situations, the better/wiser you get.

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    Pawn Structure Chess by GM Andrew Soltis is one good reference--Silman's How To Reassess Your Chess also should be good. PSC is more about full structures (Panov structure, KID/spanish complex, etc) whereas Silman's will go over isolated, doubled, hanging pawns, etc. 

    I'd be willing to go over a game with you sometime. I'm not sure how much help I'll be, but I can try.

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    Thanks, but I've been studying by myself. Having a coach/mentor to help me pick my flaws and correct them, showing me what to study and how can't hurt can it? Professional athletes have coaches, no?



    I actually have Silman's Reassess Your Chess as after I bought the Complete End Game Course and liked it so much, I got that. Unforunately it seems I didn't realize that he had a better book for my level, Amatuers Mind, so I haven't waded much into the Reassess Your Chess book yet thinking I'm not quite the level I need to be to really learn from it. Am I wrong? I will look at getting Andrew Soltis book when I have the available funds for it- Is it fairly expensive (over $20) or no?

    As for going over a game with me, that would be great! You can message me the details if you want. Thanks to you both!

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    If only chess mentors grew on trees.

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    Hi, from Italy if you don't know GM Igor Smirnov course I recommend them. His work is very effective to improve a thinking method to find the best move in every position. You can see here some info about and also find a lot a free stuff! See you- Giulio   =1026_1_chcom

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    Thanks for the info GiuliolItaliano, have you used it yourself?

    @ VanillaKnightPOC

    Yes they should grow on trees. Yell

    That said someone has messaged me that they would help me, which I appreciate and I'm excited about! 

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    Would love to hear more about your goals.

    I am a National Master with 10+ Years of Teaching Experience. To learn more about me, see www.premierchess.com or www.facebook.com/premierchess.

    Email me at erabin66@gmail.com or call (917)776-1306 to ask any questions or set up a free 30 minute consultation.




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