Looking for a UCI interface


Ok, I'm hoping the community here can help me a bit. I play chess on a site that allows engines, and I'm looking for an interface that will help me with it. It needs to handle UCI engines. I have Arena, and it's ok, but it's got some quirks I don't like. For example, it tends to crash when I shut the engine off mid analysis.

Mostly, I want to use the program for keeping track of the games I play on this other site (recording/saving them), and also to run analysis on it, but only when I ask it to, not automatically. Does anyone know of any good engines for this?

One more criteria, it has to be free, or very cheap. It's not something I'm willing to spend more than $10USD on.



For Windows and Linux:


Its for free.


Fritz Chess (i.e. Fritz 10) is around $10 on Amazon.  I haven't really tried it out, but Chesspad is also free.


Last time I checked, SCID only worked with Winboard engines, is there a way to get it to work w/ UCI? Same with eboard, and xboard.

As for the rest, I couldn't find the page for ectool, it appears that their site is down.

I forgot about babaschess, I may have to try that one. Chesspad2 also looks promising. Thanks all! If those don't work, maybe I'll pony up 10 bucks for Fritz 10.


The latest version of SCID works with UCI engines.  ECTool can be found on Andres Valverde's site.  It strikes me that babaschess doesn't allow you to include Kotovian trees of variations in the notation, but I could be wrong.  Fritz Chess is pretty slick, but Chesspad2 might do in a pinch.


Schachgeek, that list looks like it might be a smidge out of date.