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Massive losing streaks

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    For appromaxitely one year stayed at 1100-1200 elo ranking, but sometimes I win games in several rows and usually after I start losing games every time I play chess. When the losing streaks occur, it really doesn't matter if the opponent has a lower or higher elo point than me, since I will often lose.

    In one day I have lost about 70 or 80 elo points and currently  I am just unable to break the "curse of losing streak". 

    So my question is, is this issue entirely psychological or has playing "skills" worsened in time? What is it that causes one to lose a game after game for long periods?

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    Could it possibly be caused by playing too many games in a row? Brain fry? :D

    This happens to me, I think, hey, I'm winning all these games! Then I'll lose like four in a row. It doesn't sound as extreme as yours though :D

    - Rehya

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    I never played much in years past but picking up again I won a few games and thought I'd work study and improve.Well Im in a downhill slide fast.There seems to be no end to my losing streak.Evaluation of my own game is Im finding other matters and thoughts are interfearing with my game and my concentration factor is clouded.Am I on to something or just lousy at chess?I feel some of you others pain .I am enjoying though even the lost matches and try to learn from you better players.

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    You could try playing online chess so you have more time to think about your moves.  Also try taking a short break after a frustrating loss.  You don't want to be playing angry chess.

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    I've been on a vicious losing streak the last few days. I play about 10 to 20 games a day and lately it seems, except for a lucky game now and then when the other guy runs out of time, I can't win to save my life. I get mad about it, too. It's 75% less fun when you're losing game after game after game. It's like I've forgotten how to play. Frustrating!!!

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    ya its the same with me sometimes win like every game i play or draw some how a lost game and i also play by listening to music and constantly looking in other tabs and its ok i find moves that are  good in seconds but on other times i just loose and loose even if iam fully on the game no music no other tabs just the game tab but i still loose to some elementary tactics or just drop a piece ,its a another thing to loose convincingly but to loose to some cheap trick is like frustrating i thought i past that but no ,i cant find a clear plan ,its like what are these pieces doing on the board its like my intuition is not working  ,my eyes dont go to right place at the right time ,it feels when playing that something is not right and i have lost something inside me that plays better chess ,the interest is no more ,


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