Me vs. Me (black to move) any ideas?


Black's play is on the queenside... he has more space on that side and it's a bonus that White just castled on that side.  Thus, 1... a4 looks good.  The b3 knight must retreat to a1.

Black still needs to decide where to place is QB, but his rooks probably belong on the a and b files.

Note:  The FEN that is listed is slightly incorrect, as neither player can castle any longer.  (The FEN states castling is still possible.)


ahhh, I was not sure how to remove the option to castle after setting up the board, but thanks for your insight. 


I hope there are some more opinions out there too. I feel like a healthy debate always assists the learning process.


I'd personally rather play Black, but I think the position is roughly equal. Maybe a very slight edge (less than a point) to Black.

As for moves, I'd try 1... a4 2. Na1 f6


White would be nearly winning... if a4 didn't throw that knight into the corner for what looks to be a very long time.  But even temporarily a piece down in this way white isn't looking so bad.


Oh, actually a4 followed by a3 and I don't like white so much anymore :p

White's pieces seem just a tiiiiny bit misplaced... meanwhile black's play is happening right now.


a4 was my first thought after about a 90 second scan of the board


Nevermind... white just plays b3... I'd almost rather be white.

kagelord says ...f6, which seems really annoying, so it's probably a good move.  If black can't find this move I think I'd still rather be white even with my knight cast away to the corner.  White's moves just seem easier to find.


Well, ...a4 must be played immediately, else White gets in Bb5 and prevents it.  So then 1 ... a4  2 Na1 and Black should leave the Na1 where it is - ...a3  3 Nb3 lets him back into play.  So better to attack the bulwark of White's position, the e5 pawn, with either ...d5 or ...f6 (which is also forcing, given the Qf3).  Black is still well behind in development, but may be able to hold on, especially with White's Na1 kept aside.


I also like a4, but I don't like black's opening at all.  Too many holes on the dark squares and the light-squared bishop is stuck on the back rank.  Black should have played d5 early in the game, to grab some of the center and give the light-square bishop a path to enter the game.  Not sure if a4 is enough to compensate for all of this, but it's a start.  Btw, playing against yourself doesn't improve your game very much, since you always know what your opponent is thinking.  However, if you simply must do it, then try flipping the board around when it's black's move.  It appears to me that you were sitting behind white the entire game, as white's opening is solid and black's is weak.  I'd highly suggest studying some books on opening theory instead of playing against yourself though.  The fact that your d pawn hasn't moved yet and you allowed white to get his e pawn to e5 without being challenged makes me think that your opening theory knowledge is lacking.  


Wow, yeah, Nb3... I can't see much of anything tonight  : /