Morphy's mate (Bishop & Rook mate)



I would like to know more detail about Morphy's mate (Bishop & Rook mate), especially which game/s of Morphy featured this mate (& to get a pgn file of these).

Does anyone know about this? I am hopeful for some helpful replies, thanks



I have had no reply on this so far & I can find very little about this Morphy mate (B+R) on Google internet search. Can anyone help please? 

I add here one example of this mate:







I look forward to helpful replies on this topic, regards


In a New York tournament game against L. Paulsen Morhpy sacrificed a queen for a knight to gain a winning attack and ultimately mate.


Hi SmokeJS

Thanks for your reply. I have tracked down a copy of Paulsen vs Morphy with that Queen sac and there is a sort of mating net with Rook & Bishop occuring but not exactly as shown in the original game example I showed.

So is this the foundation for the basis of this Morphy's mate (R+B mate) or does another game or even problem exist that is the basis for this?

If anyone can shed more light on this, please do so here! For completeness I show here the Paulsen vs Morphy game (with Queen sac!):







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How about the "Night at the Opera Game"?


Hi Crazychessplaya

Thanks for your input with this famous 'Night at the opera' game (fantastic chess by Morphy- I hope the opera was half as good!).

It certainly features a queen sac with Rook & Bishop mate. Is this the basis for this 'Morphy's mate' (with rook & bishop & not the'smothered/epaulette mate also called Morphy's mate)? Does anyone know if this game is the origin and basis of this mate or are there any more Morphy games or problems  with this mating net?

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Hi RainbowRising

Thanks for your 'Morphy puzzle' mate. I don't think it relates to the Morphy mate with R + B but it is interesting nonetheless

(I am still interested if anyone knows more about the Morphy mate).

Crazychessplaya wrote:

How about the "Night at the Opera Game"?

 Watch Opera Game film (8 min)