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My 61 Memorable Games

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    empujamadera wrote:

    The marriage certificate is tucked away in Fischer's autographed copy of ''61''

     ... and for an extra fee, you can get a personalized copy signed by the author.

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    Wonder if the BBC is awaiting DNA results before airing the documentary they have in conjunction with HBO? I also saw, I believe at Amazon.com, that Frank Brady has a new Fischer bio coming out. Anyone see 'Bobby Fischer Live" yet? From the trailor it looks like it was done on the cheap.

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    padman wrote:

    Man that was a funny exchange between tonydal and goldendog. I have the book and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Fischer didn't have much to do with it. It's very light on commentary and analysis so it looks like it was just slapped together quickly and they wanted the draw power of Fischers name on the front. But then again, Fischer could have done that too...

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    Padman states the book is light on comments and analysis. Nothing could be further from the truth.   One of the reasons the book has filled over 700 pages is due to the extra comments and  corrections from the many mistakes in the 1969 editions.  Is it typo free? No.  I've counted around at least 5 or 6. But given the quantity of material, and comparing this 2007 version with the Batsford and the original from 1969, Bobby's new version is by far the best.

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    I have a book called My 160 Memorable Games by Bobby Fischer.  I was so sure that that one was the real thing.  He must have written a lot of different books all with similar titles.Wink

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    They just got a DNA sample from Fischer's old digs.This will be the final answer to the authorship of My 61.

    Because if they find out that Fischer is the father of Jinky, then the book is a fraud.

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    goldendog wrote:

    Hey, I know a genuine Rolecks when I see one.

     I've been looking for a fella like you. Interested in buying a Robert Cop action figure?


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    Anyone know when the paternity test will be completed?

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    There is hardly any author in history who was more jealous and protective of his copyrights than Robert James Fischer.  The idea he would update his book for a new edition and not get paid for it is simply ridiculous.

    But it is easily settled - contact the publisher.  They should be able to provide documentation of author and copyright.

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    The parts I have seen appear impressive and consistent with Fischer's personality.  There are several ways to check.

    1. Review the analysis.  Is it consistent with a superb grandmaster.  There are not that many tennis players who could impersonate Roger Federer on the court or golfers who could look like Tiger Woods. If the analysis is high-level, haven't we eliminated lower-level masters.  Even GM Nunn, an excellent grandmaster, made enough mistakes in a re-write that his work could be distinguished from Fischer's.  

    2. Computer troubleshoot.  Someone could run Fritz or Junior and add analysis.  We could check and see if the moves match the computer.  If the analysis is impressive but does not match a computer, we would then seem to have a limited few who could write it.  

    3. Analysis not conclusions I have not seen the book.  Vague conclusions tell us nothing, as does unattributed hearsay.   I hear Jack say, Frank says Bob knows the book is fake. 

    4. Fischer's anger at Kasparov is well-known and that he would take the time to settle some scores makes sense.  That he continued to write is clear; there is an unpublished analysis of a speed tournament.  

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    For those who say the book is a fake.  At various points, the book critiques Kasparov; how on earth would a non-international player be able to do that.  We could see how easy a strong grandmaster like Nunn could be criticized for slight errors in analysis. 

    One possible way is the computer, but those are easily spotted. If the new moves or suggestions mirror Fritz or Junior that's one thing, but if not,  who else but Fischer could successfully battle and critizize Kasparov.  The criticism of Kasparov is well-known. 

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    maybe they should make a movie,"finding ReverendVicious"

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    Personally, I found the evidence supporting the authenticity of the book fairly convincing,

    1. There is some convincing analysis in the 61st game.  Who could rebut Kasparov, a master or even international master?   Hopefully no one is saying a 2200 player would take on the task of explaining errors in an Ex-champion's analysis.  It's not easy.    

    2. The added analysis does not seem to match Fritz.  

    3. The book was not designed to enhance its commercial value.  It is narrowly written to level some scores against Kasparov mirroring Fischer's mindset in some interviews.  

    4. Evans seemed to have taken varying positions on the book as did
    Fischer.  The most likely scenario is that Fischer wrote the book, had some argument over an obscure point (the same type of problem that induced him to pass on offers after the 1972 match estimted to exceed 10 million dollars), and then decided the book was not authorized.  That would explain the high quality of analysis but the question of authenticity.   I saw Evans quoted as saying there are gradations in authorship and it is possible someone added a small bit of material after problems with the book. 


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