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    i just blew a Scheveningen away, i love the white side of that, pity more dudes don't play it.

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    OK, kidding aside, I'll put in my two cents. The Dragon was my main weapon against 1.e4 as a junior and served me well to reach 1900 in high school. No Accelerated Dragon - I happily went into the Yugoslav. I read Chris Ward's Winning with the Dragon (1st edition!) and followed his direct ...Qa5 approach against 9.Bc4. This is a bit dated now, but it served me well at the time. Most people under 2000 would get frustrated playing me in a main line and then switch to some sideline. I remember only having trouble against one expert who knew a flaw in my approach. This was before computers had such a big role in preparation. The Dragon is a good Sicilian to learn when you are starting out, since many of the plans are straightforward and it can be a useful structure against sidelines even if you decide to play the Najdorf later.

    When I returned to chess after a long hiatus, I chose the Hyper-Accelerated Dragon to have something simple and safe with not a great deal of theory to learn. I was watching a lot of IM Greg Shahade's videos on chessvideos.tv where he was pretty much following Dzindzi's recommendations in blitz as Black while he was a professional poker player.

    Last year, I finally decided to play the Najdorf as Black and it has been a challenge to learn. At the same time, I raised game and finally obtained the National Master title in the process. If you're ambitious, give it a shot, but be prepared to put in the work. You may have a few awkward losses at first, but it can pay off in the long run. There is a reason it is very popular with masters.

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    i dunno man, i wouldn't give you all that forum real estate for a miserable 2 cents.
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    Lenin-R-Zeppelin wrote:
    i dunno man, i wouldn't give you all that forum real estate for a miserable 2 cents.


    ooooh savage!

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    If it's so terrible for Black then why do grandmasters such as Magnus Carlsen and Bobby Fischer etc play or have played it against 1 E4?

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    Najdorf is basically good opening for Black, if said Black player already knew the depth and multiple theories behind the Najdorf sicilian systems, which is fluid and flexible to counter any white attempts, but as said before, said depth obviously need you to be an extremely good player at the first place. Dragon is far more easy on the ideas behind it. Classical Sicilian is also easy in the sense that the move order is very natural feelings... but I can't understand Najdorf, but can't also really crack it when facing good players who used them... so yeah.


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