Nakamura wins BNbank Blitz!


Wow 15-1 for Hikaru. 3-1 versus Carlsen. Not too bad :)


BnBank? What am I missing and where can I find the information?


Here is a crosstable the site is not in english


I think it was too early in the morning for Naka fans so they were asleep. Before their match it was Carlsen who was gonna kick some ass, and after the first game it was just more proof that Magnus is too solid for Naka. Not much dissent in chat.

When Naka ended up winning it turns out blitz wasn't important at all, the games were much closer than the score indicated, and that Naka basically got lucky.

Beating the world blitz champion 3-1 apparently isn't enough to get respect.

I thought it was all a little funny.