New Computer Vs Player chess project (Scid Vs PC)


Hi, I have some free time, so thought to spruik my project a little. It's a bug fix and usability fork of Scid which i've been doing the last year. Check out my web page for some background info at

Major changes include much needed cosmetic work (including heaps of new chess pieces), and many fixes to the tactical game feature. Scid is such an ugly and buggy thing, and i hope my project is making some amends.

Anyway, I'm quite happy with the project, but haven't had a heap of feedback. I just realised the other day that the fics feature is broken... it's anonymous login only at the moment!  but will be fixed soon. To check it out on Windows, just unzip the windows archive , browse to the bin directory and double click scid.exe. For Linux/BSD users, there's instructions on the webpage. I'm mostly a Linux guy, but it works fine on Windows.

Oh yeah - you'll need Tcl installed. This ~is~ a pain, but i can vouch it's a very no-problem package.

Anyway, leave some feed back if you want. I'm going to do an update this month... ~sometime~ ;>


Why did you decide on a fork, instead of submitting bug fixes to Pascal?


You seem to have broken something. Scid compiles happily on a Mac and Scid_vs_pc appears to do so. However, the compiled app doesn't run. I haven't a clue what is wrong, I leave all the techie stuff to the techie guys. Your version looks nice so I'd like to get it running if I could.


I worked with Pascal on about five fixes, but just found him too hard to get on with. There's a little more info

stevenaaus wrote:
Sturtian wrote:

You seem to have broken something. Scid compiles happily on a Mac and Scid_vs_pc appears to do so.

Hmmm... It may be broken on Macs, or it may just be a start-up thing with Tcl. I'd like to fix this, as OSX is a great platform. I have some Mac code to include which may fix it. I'll try to make a new release today :)

 That would be very nice. I use Scid currently as the only sensible way to get two engines working in tandem on a Mac. If I can use your prettier version I will be a happy bunny.


Thanks for this. It still doesn't work but I don't think this is the place to be sorting it out, if you still wish to sort it to run on Macs. I have sent you a PM with some details of what happens and an email address you can use for further discussion if you wish.


New release today... Major changes include help menus, fics widget, and an OSX dmg installer too ;>


Quick question... Should I use the "Aqua" or "Aqua Standalone" of Tcl/Tk? I am on a MacBook Air, running 10.5.8


I'm not too authoritive on mac stuff i'm afraid.

A friend reckons "Yes, I'd go with the complete 'Aqua' installation.  The standalone is meant for putting inside packages to make them run stand-alone "


Made a new release today.

* A new Fics accept/decline widget, which allows for multiple offers to be handled nicely (and minor Fics bug-fixes)
* New "Random Pawns" feature for the Tactical game.
* Some work with the crosstable and player info widgets (which is only evident with spelling.ssp - now included by default)
* And many minor fixes and speed improvs.

Unfortunately i still haven't figured out how to compile my Phalanx castling bug-fix in windows.





Thank you for Scid vs Pc 4.10.

Loving it.

A request : 1-- to modify comment editor, similar to the one in SCID 4.4, so that it can be docked in small space along with large board.

2-- The navigation bar over the board to be reduced in size.

3-- i cant still play th sounds, despite getting snack audio package, dont know why. Can u fix it?

4-- for getting colored arrows and coloring squares, can we use key board shortcut instead of dragging the pieces and coloring the squares in comment editor?

5-- Will u play couple of games with me on Will love to play with u. ( I may beat u like Acconico on FICS Wink )



1. Hmmmm. I'll change the button font to smaller.

-    button $nagbuttons.b$i -takefocus 0 -text "$nag" -width $width -height 1 \
+    button $nagbuttons.b$i -takefocus 0 -text "$nag" -width $width -height 1 -font font_Small \

2. Try using this code

3. Linux snack needs fixing on modern Linux. We need an Alsa C coder. Also see Options->Sound

4. Use Control+MouseButtonPress in the main board

5. My fics name is stevenaaus


Thank you stevenaaus, but i have few issues. 

I didnt understand your first and second points. 

1. Hmmmm. I'll change the button font to smaller.

-    button $nagbuttons.b$i -takefocus 0 -text "$nag" -width $width -height 1 \
+    button $nagbuttons.b$i -takefocus 0 -text "$nag" -width $width -height 1 -font font_Small \

I didnt understand what should i be doing here. Paste this somewhere in scid.gui file. if so where?

Also regarding :2. Try using this code 

where should i copy it.?

 Sorry, i am kind of illiterate in things related computers/ software.

I use windows 7.

Thank you for agreeing to play with me.I will be new to FICS, but want to play with u.