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    Hey everyone, I have started a new group called "Team 3". Everything we do here is in 3's. We have 3 days per move for our team matches and vote chess games, we have 3 daily puzzles each day, and much more 3. Please join this group, and if you're active, (Join 3 team matches or vote chess games), you will be made an admin. BTW, if you join my group, I'll join one group that you manage that you want me to join.

    Sorry, I have no other way of getting my word out, I'm not sure if this is spamming our not. 

    Hope you join,


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    Can I join?

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    Are you going to abandon this "Team 3" group in the same manner that you abandoned the other groups that you created?

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    I joined

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    thanks ThousandGames

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    @johnny haha no..

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    will were talking about groups, here is a good one:

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