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New platform really awful for 1 reason

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    I guess chess.com says you should upgrade to avoid LOUD annoying ads that really aggravate people.  

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    Or become premium.
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    Like me
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    I don't like it

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    The true reason v3 is awful is because it shows chess.com doesn't really care what the people who play here really have to say. There was no need for v3 in the first place

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    The only problem with v3 is that it doesn't play nicely with FireFox

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    I really liked it!

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    - it is funny how sometimes people trivialize other peoples thoughts and opinions but what noone notices is the crime being committed here with this what ? redundancy REDUNDANCY - chess is chess - and v2 was playing chess v3 when the dust settles is chess - it is just online internet chess no more no less - SAME COW PIE SAME PILE - one pile with a daisy on top one pile with a dandy lion on top - SAME PILE - looking at both v2 and v3 from a kabillion miles away through a " telescope " - one will see the exact SAME thing - online internet chess - the crime ? - human life is valueable - when I worked for 50 per hour 100 double time sunday - one electrician laughed because it would appear that some people would dance on their grandmothers grave to get overtime - he laughed - he would only say that of all the people on their dead bed NOT ONE PERSON WOULD SAY I WISH GOD WOULD LET ME LIVE ANOTHER DAY FOR ANOTHER DAYS WORK AT DOUBLE OVERTIME ( 1000 DOLLARS - PLUS EMPLOYEE BENIFITS - ) BIG BUCKS - the crime ? - when you have 35000 chess com members wasting time figuring out how to do something on v3 that they already have been doing on v2 for years - well you are adding collectively seconds and minutes and months and adding to years of human life - reinventing the wheel defines redundancy - everytime the time engaged by ALL chess com members collectively wasting time with redundancy adds up to one average human life span - chess com has then in a philosophical way - murdered one human life - is wasted human life worth trading for " A BRAND SPIFFY NEW LOOK" - chess com thinks so - and I have the opinion that chess com does not think - or at least does not care about us - add all the time you have to search how to do something - add it - then years from now on your death bed ask how much time chess com owes it to you to extend your life and pay you back this wasted time - one hour for me respresents - one hundred dollars on a double time sunday - then there are others who are priceless and say you cant put a dollar figure on human life - ( but they do not work for chess com )

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    brettregan1 is genius

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    Good analysis by brettregan1.


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