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New York Times article on Overly Aggressive Players

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    Good article in today's Sunday Times from the Philadelphia Open.  Sometimes Dylan McClain writes a good article; not as good as Robert Burns IMO, but reasonably good. 

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    One of the hardest things to do against a good opponent, is knowing when--if ever--to make the big charge. Sometimes the opportunity never comes up. It is pretty much the effort of one party to force issues, where there is no justification for it, that leads to something other than a draw. Who gets that win, is the only thing really to fight over.

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    From the analysis of the games it looks like the aggressor had a good shot at winning but he probably used up much of his energy in the initial attack and so could not find the critical line.  In my experience you often miss the win if it involves a subtle idea to translate a space advantage and more active pieces into material advantages or dangerous threats. 

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    Most baseless attacks are done by "feeling" or "intuition" rather than calculation.

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    Well you'd expect that if they calculated (correctly) then they would realize when it was baseless and not do it.

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    Exactly! And because some people trust their feelings or overestimate their skills or limited analysis, they go too far and come up with the big Frown.


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