NN Immortial or Time traveler?


I know a lot of you are saying "NN stands for No Name you idiot!" But in every simul even I've seen the grandmaster always asks "is NN here, and willing to play?" in one simul that I witnessed NN actually spoke up and played!  In keeping with chess tradition I will not reveal what NN looks like or even the sex of said person.

     My chess database has NN playing in 1590 and also as recently as 2007, so I ask is NN a time traveling chess player, or an immortial?  Time Traveler would make more sense since the skill level seems not to have a linear progression.


NN has had a long and (not so) illustrious career, dating back to the 16th century. I rekon he's immortal, but not very good at chess...


Hi guys,

Tell me more about this 'NN' chess player.  I have never heard of him before and you have my full attention.

Watch your backrank.


NN is not one single person, but the chosen leader of the secret amature chess playing cult. Leaders are elected through a highly disturbing ritual known to outsiders only as "the thing with the goat". The cult has used its high ranking connections to gain access to these exhibitions all through history.


immortial > immortal