No-Vacation Tournaments.


 It can be, but 3 days is a maximum. One can play in different tournaments at the same time so there can be multiple games going on at the same time and every day gives you 10 or 15 or more moves to make depending on how not-boring you want to make it. Moreover, when persons are online, they won't wait three days to move, but react fairly quickly when the opponent makes a move and stays online too. In this situation I find that 2 days max is too short. Normally I play everyday, but I want the option to leave chess aside for a few days, as it can become very tense sometimes.


The potential for cheating is everywhere. An engine works within seconds or minutes, so why should three days max enhance the option to cheat?


I understand your points but the lack of tempo in these tournaments is clear.
Making mistakes under pressure is what happens and is very much part of the game.
Having three days to make a move allows to much analysis, in my opinion, too long to study counter moves and consequence.
How long do players have in ‘live’ tournaments?
Are there tournaments that give you 30mins - I find this ample time for a game

I agree it allows much analysis. But isn't that part of the purpose of it? That one learns things? I'm playing in nine 3 day tournaments and in some of them I won the first round. In some games that I really wanted to win I set up a live board and played a lot of variations. This helped me gain better insight in the game. And after all, I play chess for the fun of the ever changing puzzle before me. For me there is no fun in asking a computer what the best move is, it would be like filling in a crossword puzzle by looking at the solutions in the back of the book. There is an exception for me. As I know absolutely nothing about openings and their pitfalls I sometimes watch some video's on a particular opening, because I know that if I don't understand what's going on I will be swept off the board. But then after 5 or 6 moves it again is every man for himself and the challenge to beat the opponent by thinking is more gratifying than looking up what others would make of it. And if people want to cheat, well, let them go ahead. They are only deceiving themselves. In any case, it's nice to see such different opinions on a thread that started with some trolling.


But it's true, the daily tournaments take a long time. That's why I enlisted in more than one. I haven't een the end of the first one yet, lol.

I see. I had never been invited into a tournament prior to the one I’m in now. I play on the iOS and I believe tournaments are a recent addition, something I’ve been missing out on, having played only ‘live’ games.
Still, if they are not all set at 3 days then I’m hopeful there may be shorter ones yet to come.
It’s all good ;)

 There's a lot of them and you can join most of them. Just subscribe to one of them and when the amount of players is full they start automatically .They are all different concerning times and ratings so you choose which ones you like best.