Nobody has yet become a Grandmaster by watching chess videos... True or False?

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    I don't really look at videos but youtube videos, videos have helped me tremendously and how to open up but I really look at various games played by grandmasters. At my local chess club I beaten a guy that specializes in the french defense and because of videos in the french defense I was able to beat him.

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    Clearly false.

    Just yesterday my niece's 5 year old daughter was crying, so we put a chess video in front of her and left the room.

    After some time when we went into the room again, we found her to be a full fledged grandmaster. She had started beating Anand - I mean, really thrashing.


    My niece was quick to admonish her daughter, "you naughty girl, stop hitting your 2 year old kid brother".

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    If I watch enough NBA games, will I become an NBA basketball player?

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