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NOOO i did mistake

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    hey guys im really scared! i accidentally clicked on www.chess.com classic link and i went to the classic chess.com!  i dont like it and how tdo you get back to normal v3? plz help! I already tried to change the settings- home-modern but it didnt do anything!

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    Don't worry. It's better this way.

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    You like v3 over v2? Are you crazy?

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    Do you mean classic RAR?




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    ulfhednar1234 wrote:

    oh gods, i clicked the RAR button, and it said it's a fRARdulent link, and cox will not accept this. did you just give me a virus?

    You just lost all of your .RAR files. But don't worry, you always have RAR. RAR takes a lifetime to get rid of!


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