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Online Chess - no points for win

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    I think a game needs to be four moves to count toward ratings on this site - it's in a FAQ somewhere.

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    Yes, three or less moves, and it's considered unrated.

    If you win a game in exactly four moves or more, you get rating points.

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    So that means you cannot really put the Fool's Mate to use..

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    Also means you can resign if you blunder on move 3 Innocent

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    @ Adventurine

    After White moves 4, the rating adjustments will take place



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    Thank-you to Metastable, StrategicPlay, madhacker and Hydra for your speedy responses. Now I understand. BE warned I may challenge for a game.

    Respect! Andy F a.k.a. Aventurine & InvidiousAtheist

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    Aventurine wrote:

    Hi there, I did search the forum but found no answer. I was wondering why when I was 1146 and I played a game against someone 1134, won on time after 3 moves I received no points for this win. I presume a certain number of moves must be made. Is this correct and if so, how many?

    Thanks in advance for an explanation.

    Andy F

    No rating change on a timeout until three and a half moves or seven ply. Like spitting into the wind when I write this in the forums.

    The site help and staff says four moves on a timeout. Resignation on any move affects ratings.  http://support.chess.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/16/0/how-do-ratings-work

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    My opponent faltered on time and I did not get points. What is even worse opponent did not loose points. At any chess tournament points are given or taken (not given) for failing to show for the game. That must be some new stupid rule or error.


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