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online chess versus OTB ?

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    go into your settings and change to 3d pieces. thats the most you can do to make otb chess easier but still practice online.

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    I sometimes miss a B's or Q's diagonal threats when playing OTB and I'm sure it's due to 2D online playing and studying.  Before and OTB tournament, I suggest getting a nice, free engine program like Lucas Chess, playing an engine close to your skill level, and making all the online moves on a real board and studying the game on that real board.  That helps me.

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    CoachGunnar wrote:

    I know someone who has a Monroi, during otb games he calculates while looking at the Monroi and then makes his move on the physical board


    Does it have to be a ply counter?   Can you use a plycounter app on a smartphone, assuming that one exists?

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    Well I think the answer lies in what is your goal in chess and what level you want to achieve. If you just want to play recreationally, then playing online seems easier and more comfortable. However, if you want to become a elite player or at least play competitively, then you have no choice but to put the mouse aside and pick up a real board! I am a chess trainer and I make my students work with a real board next to their computer screens; ideally at all times! One must train his eye to live chess if he/she is to succeed. This also goes for the way to analyse your games...but this is debate for another day.  

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    I love 2D more than OTB. 

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    Yes, I also feel that It is hard to play like that as some pieces are hidden behind others. whereas online you see everything from above. that way you don't miss anything. Also in real life balls don't hit the board sending pieces flying and messing the game up! tongue.png

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    Studying endgames and annotated games on real board will help with that especially if the study is continuous( 2-3 hours) and  focused(with no interuptions).

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    I did send a feedback to the staff with a suggestion to add a 3D board, like Chess Titans, (tilted to our side)...

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    I have this same psychological issue, over the board on the table, i cant calculate so much than on the screen (2d), i dont prefer 3d chess either, i dont know why, but its annoying, maybe i just see every squares on the screen, unlike on the real board where it is a really large squares in front of you, but everytime i play on the real board i prefer the table low, to see every pieces.

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    Me too! If I practice too much on a 2D board, it will affect my play, so a couple times a week I play on my 3D tournament chess set. A few times a week seems to work for me.


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