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Only play higher rated players?

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    So if I can lose 24 points playing someone 300 pts below me but only lose 3 pts playing someone 300 pts above me, there is no reason (ratings-wise) to ever play someone with a lower rating?

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    Except that you have a better chance of winning a game with a more lower-rated opponent.  Your chance or probability of winning a game with someone 300 points above you is 14%.  The chances of you beating someone 300 points below you is 86%.
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    if you play only for points just get away
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    That's a rude statement Horror, I was asking a legitimate question. If I weren't playing to increase my rating, I would play unrated games. Higher rating= games against better players, that's the way it works here. 

     Thanks Bill, those statistics put it in perspective.


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