Opinion on 2013 candidates tournament


This is my opinion on the 2013 canidates tournament. please give your input. 

Gelfand, Carlsen, Aronian, Kramnik, Radjabov, Ivanchuk, Grischuk, and Svidler.

Before reading my opinion i have to mention i dont know Radjabov very well but i have studied all the other players in depth. 

Here is my list of who is most likely to win the tournament to least

1.Carlsen- The Tata Steel was amazing. He almost broke Kasparov's record at the TATA steel. He is probably the best tactician, Endgame, and Grinder in all of chess at the moment. He has been walking in the shadows of the title for a long term. He excels at winning equal or even slightly worse positions. If he faced Anand i think he would win. 

2.Grischuk- Grischuk is my personal favorate player. He won the 2012 Blitz championship and i just like his style of play. Last year he came second only to Gelfand for the Canidates in a tight game. I think Grischuk could beat Anand.

3. Aronian-  second best score at the Tata steel. hed clearly be the best player in the world if it were not for Carlsen. He has been a runner up for the championship for years abd hes second in the world. I really like his play as well and maybe its time for him to take that next step if Carlsen cant rack up the points. Although, a tight amtch against Anand i think Anand would prevail. 

4. Kramnik- A former World champion he knows how to cope with the pressure. Maybe hel even cheat again like against Topalov. Truley one of my favorate players and possibly the best English opening player at the moment and a true positional master piece. Predicted by Kasparov to follow in his foot steps. I think Kramnik can overcome Anand finally. 

5. Gelfand- Gelfand won last year so whats wrong with a repeat? The only downfall is he always plays 1.d4 so it should be easy to prepare. He always plays the Sicilian as well but he gave th echampion a good run last year. i think this time Gelfand could beat Anand but i just dont see Gelfand beating any of the top 4 guys. 

6.Ivanchuk- The best opening player of the modern day im very curious wha the has cooked up for the next few matches. Ivanchuk has been around for a long time so theres on telling how he will do but i dont see him being able to overcome any of the top palyers in a middle or endgame battle. 


Chucky doesn't seem interested, based on his interview in Gibraltar.


why does everyone always say they know everyone, but radjabov?! Radjabov single-handedly revived the Kings Indian and barely ever loses.  He did lose a game against Carlsen in which Carlsen played 1. a4!  

Based off the format of the candidates this time, I think it clearly favors Carlsen.


Idk man i only started chess a year ago or so. I saw Gelfand win the 2012 canidates. I watched the 2012 and 2013 blitz championships. and i watched the World championship and the tata. Radj never showed up i guess. What do you mean the format?


The format used to be  knockout matches where there would be 8 players and they do matches of multiple games to see who goes to the next round.  Now the format is just a round robbin.  


I wouldn't underestimate Ivanchuk... He can beat anyone when in good form.


Why isnt Topalov in there?

rooperi wrote:

Why isnt Topalov in there?

Didn't meet any of the criteria:


Not been too active/on form.


Ah. thanx


You missed out Svidler, hes not the force he was but still a tremendous player. Radjabov could have a few surprises ready for this, he's hardly played in the last 8 months (just 15 games)..same with Grischuk but somehow I felt like the knockout format really favoured him last time considering he's possibly the best rapid player in the world. Just play to draw the classical games and win the rapids was his strategy, not possible this time.

Be prepared for a LOT of draws, something like 8.5/13  could easily win this, maybe a multiple tie on 8/13...


I actually would like to challenge the idea that it will be filled with draws. These guys have been preparing all their lives for this moment. The white players are going to be playing some kind of drawish line no matter what opening they choose. And the blakc players realize this tournament isnt about "havinga g ood tournament" this is about winning. You either won the tournament or you lost it completely. 

Yea Topalov didnt qualify. 

Ivanchuk can be good in good form...but i doubt hes in good form :p 


Were will it be broadcast online?


Can anyone please enlighten me about Kramnik cheating against Topalov?