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OTB Situation Need your opinion

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    TitanCG wrote:

    All that was just a rant. I wasn't accusing anyone of anything. 

    I just don't like people disobeying the speed limit. The car handles a lot differently at 90mph than 60 and a lot of people won't be able to make the proper adjustments if something suprising happens. The danger worsens depending on how little space there is on the road. The limits aren't there just to give people something to complain about.

    Fair enough. When there is traffic, I don't speed ('cause I can't) and my senses are tuned to the environment. I have, however, passed others at a high rate of speed on expressways. I also sometimes see drivers in the left lane driving at a slow rate (I'm often behind them). In my state, a law was passed where you can get ticketed for holding up traffic while in the left lane-even if you are obeying the speed limit. I've also been on expressways where there is quite a bit of traffic, and everyone is travelling at least 15 mph over the posted limit.

    I have a relative that is a cop. He has basically told me everything I've read. There is a speed limit, and there is a "real" speed limit. Don't tell me you're unaware of this. In my state, the head of the state police once said that everyone is going to do 70. The posted limit was 55 at the time.

    For me, my hours of work involve less traffic. I'm able to do 80 mph many days where the only issue is when I have to slow down for an idiot in the left lane at 55. 

    When you state that a car handles differently at the speeds you mention, you're excluding two factors. The car and the driver. Face it, most cars made in the last decade can easily handle 80 mph. It's about the driver handling the car, as it always has been.

    Do you drive a Chevette?!?


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