Paul Morphy was a black man

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    wait so you guys are saying that Capablanca was a caucasian man?

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    kaynight wrote:

    cardinal : You are Queen of The United Kingdom, if you don't mind.

            Since 1603, when Queen Elizabeth I was succeeded by James VI of Scotland and first of England. He was son of Elizabeth's first cousin, Mary, Queen Of Scots.

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    zapped wrote:

    My dear The_Ghostess_Lola: Therefore, if I understand you correctly, we DO HAVE A WHITE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! Right!? To think that all this time I was under the impression that Barack Obama was black! What a revelation!!! Is Obama the first mixed PRESIDENT of The United States of America? NOT THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT!?

    You're not from the states however.

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    Rag : Thanks for that. Next in line is King Alex de Salmonde.

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    owltuna wrote:

    Milestones are important. As time goes by and what once was a unique event becomes commonplace, the psychological impact, and hence unconscious barriers, will soften. Who notices today when a baseball team fields a lineup of nine black players? In 1971 it was a big deal when it first happened.


    That would be a big deal.  At least at the major league level.  When was the last time any team fielded a lineup of nine black players?

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    Adolf Hitler football team.

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    didn't James M Cune Smith say Morphy had black blood?


    batgirl i need your help

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    King343 wrote:

    didn't James M Cune Smith say Morphy had black blood?


    batgirl i need your help

    New sockpuppet earmarked...

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    Judith Polgar is black, we all know that, she has just too much makeup.

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    Don't mention it. I'm always trying to help. Smile
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