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Paul Morphy was a black man

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    MickinMD wrote:

    French Creoles in the 1837 when Morphy was born were predominantly White French born in the Americas. The first major influx of Blacks, who married with some Creoles, occurred in the 1800's after the revolution in Haiti.  But Morphy's mother was born in the early 1800's to a prominent, wealthy Creole family and its highly unlikely she had any Black heritage.  Even today, most Creoles are White.

    I'm fairly certain that Kid Creole out of "Kid Creole and the Coconuts" was black, so I think you must be mistaken.

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    • • • black pawns matter.
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    creole does not mean black. Perhaps morphy had a tiny amount of native American blood...but he was white. One drop of nonwhite blood doesn't make you black. Nice try, though.

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    Yes, and Jesus was black too....why not just re-write all of history the way you would like it to be, why stop there?

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    Creole doesn't even mean black.The term creole was originally used by French settlers to distinguish persons born in Louisiana from those born in the mother country or elsewhere.

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    Colour only matters to chess pieces. People with the brains to play chess can be any colour. 


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    How does really relate to Chess.

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    It's interesting to see this discussion that Morphy may have been part black. It seems that there have not been any notable examples of top chess players in history of mixed descent, apart from only two players both of whom are currently in the top 10: Nakamura (Japanese and American Caucasian) and Giri (Nepalese and Russian).

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    Paul Morphy was white.  He wasn't black.


    To claim Morphy was black is cultural appropriation. 

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    superking500 wrote:

    meaning he had some african ancestry in him, which means he was a black man

    There is no logical connection here. tongue.png Morphy also had some European ancestry in him, so he was a white man then? Black-white man! Zebraman!

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     Morphy came from space, just like chess... ask Ilyumzhinov.


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