People that leave instead of resigning.

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    Gm_andrewfeng wrote:

    Meh. Just open a new window and check the other game every 1-3 mins. That's better if you're trying to push rank.

    Only possible for premium members.

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    Then pay.

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    It's not worth it to me. I usually only play 3 or 5 minute blitz anyway. I can afford to wait for a minute.

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    Read a book, watch a video, and check on the game every three minutes.

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    Almost as annoying in the player who strives for stonewall positions in 3 min games and tries to lamely move pieces back and forth in equal or bad positions with the singular plan of winning on time.  

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    I love every form of resigning:-)

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    ap_resurrection wrote:

    you seem like a whiny person - yea it happens to me too, but its in their right, its not illegal - just be happy to get the win, it happens to me in 30 min games and i just watch tv for a while

    If I had to wait for half an hour it would drive me mad. 15/10 is plenty for me. But if you are happy...

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