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Revised Version:

Chess: Is it a game, a challenge, a point of pride? The internet allows players from all over the world to play; all skill levels, styles, and intents. Your reason for playing may be different than my own; however, the important point is this: We should not allow a defeat, or victory, to spoil the love of the game by fostering ill will. This is a game we love, enjoy, and support. We should learn and encourage one another - onward and upward. Take a lesson from professional sports: Once money, fame and pride dominated, the sport suffered. Let's not let that happen here.

Sorry about that, got distracted from proofreading an essay. I think this is a great point, but do not currently see chess facing a downward spiral. Chess doesn't face the same problems as other sports, so our main issue to worry about is cheating. As long a security keeps up with technology, chess should remain a great sport. Of course, sportsmanship goes hand in hand with this, but it has shown no decline. Even Alekhine once shouted, "How could I lose to this idiot!"