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play nd earn money

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    Is there any tournaments where I can earn money fr winning tournaments

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    Yes, they're called over the board tourneys. It involves physically going to a place. :P

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    In the United States, they have big open tournaments where the prizes are substantial. But you have to pay a substantial entry fee in order to have a chance to win money. There is also the cost of staying wherever for multiple days while you play.

    Play chess for fun.

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    Play chess for fun
    Usually if you want to win money,you must pay an entry fee and it will be very hard to win the prize
    Usually the prizes will be given to GMs,FMs,IMs,NMs and CMs
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    Or just round up some good chess players and bet

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    Go to a roadside,lay a chess board in a convenient corner and display a cardboard saying'Play chess and earn money'.Its your best shot.In the worst case scenario you will end up in jail punched in the gut.No big deal.


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