Pleas help what is knightsbishop?


I literally joined this website just to get some answers. I do like chess, some of my fondest memories of my late father are him teaching me to play. But we never got into the names of the squares. So I was watching Brooklyn 99 and in the episode t

The Big House Part 2 the bad guy says " Checkmate. Knights bishop to Queen 5" and I've looked it up on multiple websites and all I can find is why Queen 5 makes sens but nothing about a Knights Bishop. There is a Queen Bishop and a King Bishop because of which side they are on but I'm lost here. Did they make a stupid mistake? Or is it really a chess move? 


They made a stupid mistake. Bishops, Knights and Rooks can be referred-to as (for example) King's Bishop or Queen's Bishop, depending on which flank they started the game on, but there's no such thing as a Knight's Bishop.

... unless Sir Galahad had a Bishop. THEN it would be a Knight's Bishop.


Lol thank you for the info and the laugh! I thought it sounded weird when I heard it so I had to go searching and google did nothing for me. 


The knight's bishop refers to a strategy that focuses on a knight and bishop combination. Though, the entire monologue seems to be a Hollywood method for sounding chess savvy.

Of course, I could be wrong. I've never watched the movie, and I don't know the scene.