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    stevie65 wrote:

    Hey streetfighter.. did you play at North Shields last week?

    There are chess events in North Shields?!?!

    I was born at Rake Lane :D

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    The floggings will continue until morale improves.  Just let it go.

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    TheGrobe standards of sportsmanship:

    1. Never resign before you're ready or after your opponent wants you to.
    2. Never resign before your opponent wants you to or at any time after you feel it's apporpriate.
    3. Never turn off chat, never distract your opponent by talking to them.
    4. Never say "Good Game" or "Good Luck", but always wish you're opponent good fortune before a game and praise their play afterwards.
    5. Always reply when your opponent speaks to you, but never initiate conversation.
    6. Always accept a rematch request as the loser, but never issue one as the winner.
    7. Always accept challenges from players rated lower than you, but never issue one to a player rated higher than you.
    8. Never abort a game, but don't disrespect your opponent by playing out a game you don't actually want to.
    9. Always play your best move to avoid losing, but never play for a cheap draw like perpetual check.
    10. Finally, and most importantly, whatever you do, don't swindle your opponent into stalemating you.  You may both draw, but he may start multiple ranting threads about how the rule should be removed in which everyone loses.
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    12.  Send candid private messages to your opponent, only after you have blocked their          ability to respond.  Works every time.

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    how bout we say this, scott... YOU SUCK.

    Oh yeah,

    13. Never ever leave the game when you are losing

    14. Never ever stay on the server when you are losing

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    0. Why, sir, I trust I may have leave to speak;

    And speak I will; I am no child, no babe:

    Your betters have endured me say my mind,

    And if you cannot, best you stop your ears.

    My tongue will tell the anger of my heart,

    Or else my heart concealing it will break,

    And rather than it shall, I will be free

    Even to the uttermost, as I please, in words.

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    Right!... :)

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    16.Cry Havoc....Let slip the dogs of War

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    joeydvivre wrote:

    11. And for God's sake never win on time.  A win on time is nearly cheating.

    winning on time is part of the fun in blitz. if you have plenty of time and your opponent wasted a lot of time early. if somebody failed to maintain where clock management - he deserves to lose.

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    Franken_Berry wrote:

    I honestly think many players don't realize that once they give up and leave  the live game their opponent still has to wait for the remaining time to expire before a win is awarded.

    I had to wait 8 minutes of after moves 6. I guess my move surprised my opponent but I don't think it was bad sportsmanship from my opponent.
    I don't judge other people like many who think they can set rules everybody has to act on.

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    joeydvivre wrote:

    I agree with kenpo.  Who gives a crap about this stuff?  I don't like it when people come up with really awful profanity and I report them but the rest of this stuff, I couldn't care less about.

    Good on ya sport! Even if there is no shortage in this world of informers, you can't be too careful when it comes to profanity.

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    It's true that there's no shortage of whistle-blowers.  As a general rule most military personnel as well as many citizens of NYC (there are others too, these are the first groups that come to my mind) frown on this behavior, of course there are always exceptions to the rule.

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    well, after a game with stevie, he had class to resign but he played on for about 20 moves after he told me he would resign.  waste of time

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    Endgame practise! Online for experiment..Tournaments for playing..

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    joeydvivre wrote:
    stevie65 wrote:

    16.Cry Havoc....Let slip the dogs of War

    Being fundamentally stupid in matters Shakespearean, this is from one of my favorite plays (I can understand it.  I can't understand plays like King Lear).  But it is still a classless rules violation.

    Julius Caesar

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    " Class on the Internet " --- Oh sure and the next thing you know they will want everyone to wear Tuxedos to the next Clown Convention ( hint: it's not going to Bloodywell happen Pal ) ROFL. 

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    -kenpo- wrote:

    chess, a rather serious intellectual endeavor/sport, probably attracts a more mature crowd.


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    streetfighter wrote:

    @timbeau: please learn to spell before mentioning (lack of) proof-reading skills

    Sorry Coach. I'll wear the misplaced 'hale' and I will try harder next time.
    You too might benefit from a dip into the dictionary sometime; you don't seem to understand the actual meaning and use of the '@' symbol. Or is that dumb smiley-face actually a wee bit of Scottish irony too deep for the likes of me?
    But hey, so much for nitpicking...
    I must congratulate you on the 'ChessChamp/BHC' image - what a combination! The photo might have worked even better if you were actually out fighting on the street, giving some chess nancy-boy a taste of the old cherry-reds... 
    Maybe next ad. 

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    Yeah, that movie had the hit song "Gangstas Paradise" by Coolio. 

    "You know when Coolio says 'I see myself in the pistol smoke'?  Hehe..he stole that from Snoop Doggy Dogg."  --Beavis, circa 1995.

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