Please show some class

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    If you feel the need to talk about ''class''.

    Then you don't have any ! Smile

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    Good point!  Or, should I just say "gp" ...

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    winning positions not always win..there will always defense resources..U might overlook n understimate ur opp when u are winning..but remember the game is a test of psychology too..the opp that under pressure are now 200%!! more cautious n alert than before. It happens all the time. ITs not about skills only..just look at master games when a winning position can be lost..U may lose on time..

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    TheGrobe wrote:

    Odd advice coming from a moron....

    I wouldn't call it advice.

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    Peace, brothers!..

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    Damn peacenik!

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    My pinky is always raised when castling.

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    Not only do I say "adjust" if I accidentally touch a piece, I say it in French!

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    AnthonyCG wrote:

    My pinky is always raised when castling.

    When castling I determine which finger to raise based on the level of class displayed by my adversary.  I like dealing with people in their comfort zones.

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    A real man of the people.

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    NO CLASS gentlemens/womens..! Tongue Out only chaotic games!

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    Well, it is hard to blame noclass for being antagonized by this thread.

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    haha true, i feel alone against all..

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    is that avatar from "2001 A Space Odyssey" ?

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    DonJuan_DeMarco wrote:

    is that avatar from "2001 A Space Odyssey" ?

    Andy's?  Yes, I believe it is featured in the concluding montage.

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    Yes, I am the celebrated Star Pumpkin.

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    CaptJackAubrey wrote:

    You see what I mean, Scott?

    By the way, timbeau, yes I have. I am currently reading The Commodore.  You say I should emulate my namessake. Well, if you are familiar with the Aubrey & Maturin books then you will know that they harken back to a time when to act as many act on this website, to insult a man baselessly (as you did me) would earn you a duel with pistols. The good old doctor himself ran a man through for simple rudeness!

    I was also wondering what it is that I said that earned me such an attack from you?

    Sorry Cap'n for taking so long to respond. 
    I don't think I attacked you Cap'n and if I insulted you, it certainly wasn't baseless - it was because of your prissy bloody attitude!
    There, I won't bugger about trying to write like Patrick O'Brian and it's wasted on you anyway; like many of your countrymen you suffer from an unfortunate Irony-Deficiency.
    So you keep on whining about those who don't share your self-righteous morality. Wish players 'good luck' and be offended when they don't respond to your facile greeting (or who might think that 'luck' and 'chess' don't really belong together). Continue the asinine thanking for a 'good game' even if the game stank. And when the next player who's first language isn't English doesn't 'chat' along with you, start another thread whinging about foreigners' lack of manners. (Your manners) 

    As for AubreyMaturin -although this isn't the forum for literary chat- Doctor Maturin, a man in his 30's, would make short work of you for that 'old' adjective. I suggest you need to read again The Nutmeg of Consolation, and pay closer attention this time! 'Simple rudeness' - forsooth...You are a disgrace, sir!

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    theoreticalboy wrote:
    DonJuan_DeMarco wrote:

    is that avatar from "2001 A Space Odyssey" ?

    Andy's?  Yes, I believe it is featured in the concluding montage.

    hahaha!!!   i was caught badly there!! Laughing

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