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Police Called To Chess Tournament

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    Police were called to a top chess tournament in Ireland 

    Police were called to a top chess tournament in Ireland after one of the players accused his opponent of cheating by using a computer in the toilet.

    Romanian-born Gabriel Mirza, 47, says he was on his way to winning the Cork Congress Chess Open when he noticed strange goings-on by his 16 year old opponent.

    But he ended up being expelled from the tournament and interviewed by police after forcefully pulling the schoolboy out of a toilet cubicle.

    "After each move he went to the toilet, at least 20 times... I found him in the toilet with an android checking the moves with a chess engine," he told the Limerick Leader.

    "I tried to get over the cubicle wall to grab the tablet from his hands... but I wanted a witness, so I ran straight to the controller.

    "The organisers... followed me inside where I forced the cubicle door and I pulled this guy out from the toilet."

    Officials expelled Gabriel from the tournament, held in the Metropole Hotel, Cork, for his over-reaction. He was questioned by police but released without charge. -- Courtesy of Orange.co.uk

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    This case appears in a older forum "Another cheating case", three weeks ago or so.

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    This just in...the allies won world war II


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