Polite way to suggest to an opponent that its time to resign ...


When your opponent refuses to resign and is bugging you, just do what Teary does:



In the case of the game: Ish vs Tears Var Lan 1-0 I understand, the person is a stubborn ...


If he doesnt want to resign TORTURE THEM AND MAKE THEM PAY!!!


LoL good game! As the Scotch say ... "Nay Bother"! (or Neigh Bother)


What is considered rude in tournaments, or clubs, is one thing, but on line it is really so dependent on who you are playing. If you don't know them - how do you know what they will condisder rude?

Personally, I think it is presumptious to resign in the assumption that, "your opponent must want you to, but for some reason they have not seen fit to draw your attention to their boredom." If I found myself wanting someone else to resign I would either control my impatience or ask them to resign. Preferably the former.

I am usually dissapointed if my opponent resigns. But then, I know I am not typical so I do not consider it rude if they resign, just a bit of a missed opportunity for me to play the game out to the end.

Like slaughter, sometimes chess is messy, but you have no-one to blame but yourself if you are faced with a drawn out messy kill rather than a quick one.