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    After the first world war, Lasker and with him several german chess players refused to play and made a no decleared boycott.

    And when Kasparov went to Yugoslavia during the war into  ¨ the closed town ¨ to play there with children, 

    again it was a political reason.

    Do you understand, Chess is a way to prepare a clima for discussion, it gives us the volunteer to understand the other side.    !!! You can not seperate it from politic !!!

    .. and if princess Dilaram would have respected not to cheat..

    but there were better, stronger reasons.

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    i hate when people abuse such an awesome game as chess.. so fun and unique and then abuse it.

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    dont get me wrong they mean it good, but you know you should tread something like chess as something special. i mean you also would not give virgins to pirates

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    It all went right over my head.

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    Especially the part about the velociraptor.

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    Velociraptor made more sense than pirates and virgins. And the 'children'.

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    When you stop a smal war, a big war will be stopped,

    but it goes faster to start a new one.


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